Play for three actors (1 man, 1 woman and a cat)

About a man who toys with women like a cat toys with a mouse. But instead of killing his victim he plays a game of terrorization and seduction. And when finished playing with his victims, he severs their brain stems, leaving them helpless, nonfunctioning living toys.

The play opens as a young doctor returns to her isolated house in the hills. As she putters around she listens to her answering machine, and we learn that she is the psychiatrist who has examined the women immobilized by the man whom the press and the police have nicknamed the Toyer.

She is despondent this particular evening, because she cannot remove the image of "Toyer’s" most recent victim from her mind. There is a loud knock on her door, which turns out to be the young man who helped the doctor start her car. That is who she thinks he is, but the audience knows better...