My life with Mozart

“One day, he sent me some music. It changed my life. Since that day, I often write to him. When the fancy takes him, he writes back – at a concert, in an airport, on a corner of the street – and he is always startlingly original. He has become my guru and teaches me precious things: wonder, gentleness, serenity and joy.

”A troubled adolescent happens upon a rehearsal of “The Marriage of Figaro”. Through the voice of the Countess Almaviva, Mozart saves his life: you don’t leave a world that contains such marvels and beauty. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and the genius composer thus become inseparable...

This is Schmitt’s most personal and self-revelatory book, full of admiration, gratitude and love. It includes, in answer to the author’s letters, high-quality versions and recordings of 16 pieces and extracts from among Mozart’s finest works.