Pédagogie de l'échec

by Pierre Notte

A play for two actors (1 male, 1 female)

At the seventh floor, in offices of which nothing remains, no walls nor windows, two characters bend to the laws of hierarchy. All around them fell down. An earthquake ? A disaster or a global conflict ? Whatever. A uninhabited world in ruins. But they are still there, they go on, they go on working, trying to produce work in vacuum and surrounded by holes. They submit themselves to the professional roles : power and immunity of their manager and servility and irresponsibility of the subordinates. With bad faith, resentment, humiliation games, jealousies, desires, aspirations. Below, scaffoldings are built. The cost of their rental precipitated into bankruptcy the company that rented them for a hypothetical reconstruction. It is precisely in this company that the two characters are working, but now without purpose or project, if not that of going on, always working.