Golden Joe

To be or not to be, Golden Joe had never asked himself the question. To have was his sole motto; to own the only thing he worried about. Heir to a financial empire in the City (London), he was brought up in a wild world and a materialistic empire. His only credo : dollars, and his sole "raison d’être" : profits. And yet, the spectral apparition of his dead father in the screen of his computer is going to upset his plans as well as his whole world. It will throw this strong and confident money-maker whose only aim is to make gold, into confusion. As Golden Joe discovers all the criminal schemes plotted by his family, he understands that man is not a robot, that a man can have feelings. He had never thought before that one could love, suffer, laugh or even cry. At last, he understands that there is something rotten in the kingdom of capitalism. Will he get over the long series of tragic revelations ? Will he become at last a real and true human being ? But is it really worth it ?